Test Results & Laboratory Specimens

Test Results

You may telephone for your own investigation results anytime between 10am and 5pm  Monday - Friday.

General Information about Test Results

Please remember that the staff can only act in accordance with the Doctor's instructions so may not be able to give you a result. This does not necessarily mean that there is a problem but simply that the Doctor needs to see you or talk to you to explain the whole situation.

Results can be given to someone other than the patient if previously arranged with Doctor.

The results of tests carried out during hospital visits are not normally sent to the practice.


Results for patients over 16yrs can only be given to the patient unless prior consent is given.

Laboratory Specimens

All specimens must be received by 10.30am weekdays to link with the hospital courier service. . Please ensure the bottle is clearly marked with your name and date of birth. 

Test Times

Below is a rough guide to how long results can take to come through.

Type of Test

Usual Time for Results

X-Ray Up to 2 weeks
Smear 2 weeks
Blood tests 2 - 7 days, depending on the test
Urine Within 7 days